r/sports Jul 04 '21

[Joe Pompliano] Joey Chestnut has set a new world record, eating 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes. The Ocho


u/SportsPi Jul 04 '21

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u/CowReplevin Jul 04 '21

Just saw this live. The dude started at a 12 a minute/1 every 5 seconds pace. Insane. I can't believe his "post-game" interview wasn't just dry heaving.


u/Freeasabird01 Jul 04 '21

I started off thinking how terrible he looked after it was over. Then after I considered how I would look and feel after eating anything more than 8 or so hot dogs, I realized he wasn’t too bad.


u/StarWarsMonopoly Real Salt Lake Jul 04 '21

I've been watching the Nathan's contest every 4th of July since the early 00's when Kobayashi first made it a must-see event.

Every single year I make a few large packs of Nathans to start off the Independence Day festivities and I watch the contest first to get inspiration to be a damn glutton.

I get about 4 hot dogs into eating before I tap out, and then I consider that Joey Chestnut usually eats about 12x more than I do and he does it a fraction of the time.

It's absolutely insane.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


u/YounomsayinMawfk Jul 06 '21

The most I ate was 8 once, I was really full and felt bloated and could only take shallow breaths. But the worst part was the sodium in the hot dogs made me so thirsty but I couldn't take more than a few sips of water at a time because I had no room in my stomach.


u/BakerStefanski Jul 04 '21

That’s the most impressive thing to me. He eats an absurd amount of food and looks completely normal at the end of it.


u/SilveryDeath Jul 04 '21 edited Jul 04 '21

Got bored and did this while waiting for some stuff to download. Chestnut's historical results at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition: (WR = World Record)

2005: 32 (lost by 17 to Kobayashi, finished third)

2006: 52 (lost by 1 3/4 to Kobayashi)

2007: 66 WR (won by 3 over Kobayashi)

2008: 59 (won in 5 hot dog eat off by 7 seconds over Kobayashi)

2009: 68 WR (won by 3 1/2 over Kobayashi) - last event Kobayashi competed in

2010: 54 (won by 10 over Tim Janus)

2011: 62 (won by 9 over Patrick Bertoletti)

2012: 68 (won by 15.75 over Tim Janus)

2013: 69 WR (won by 18 over Matt Stonie)

2014: 61 (won by 5 over Matt Stonie)

2015: 60 (lost by 2 to Matt Stonie)

2016: 70 WR (won by 17 over Matt Stonie)

2017: 72 WR (won by 10 over Carmen Cincotti)

2018: 74 WR (won by 29 over Carmen Cincotti)

2019: 71 (won by 21 over Darron Breeden)

2020: 75 WR (won by 33 over Darron Breeden)

2021: 76 WR (won by 26 over Geoffrey Esper)


u/soda_cookie Jul 04 '21

Jesus Christ, it hasn't even been close the last few years


u/VictorM51 Seattle Seahawks Jul 04 '21

Matt Stonie at least having one chip warms my heart


u/UHeardAboutPluto North Carolina Jul 04 '21

Didn't even show up this year


u/icyhotdog Jul 04 '21

Wasn't hungry enough


u/MilhouseLaughsLast Miami Dolphins Jul 05 '21

If my best ever was 62 and the next year, and every year after, this dude comes out eating 70+ I would sit at home too.


u/[deleted] Jul 06 '21



u/MilhouseLaughsLast Miami Dolphins Jul 06 '21

if eating 60 wet hotdogs and losing every year sounds like fun to you then go for it champ


u/Jomax101 Jul 06 '21

I don’t think you know who Matt Stonie is but ok, sounds like some free content if anything


u/[deleted] Jul 04 '21

Are you serious? That's lame


u/th3_pund1t Jul 05 '21

IIRC one time Kobayashi ate more hot dogs sitting in the stands. The organizers wanted him to sign some contract that he was not happy with.


u/rumblinstumblin8 Jul 04 '21

He's only getting stronger. Like watching Tyson in his prime.


u/rocky_iwata Jul 05 '21

Joey pushed his body over the limit twice (Kobayashi and then Stonie) and now he is basically unbeatable.

I'm sure there are human beings that can become the next Joey Chestnut around but they have to train their bodies very hard for many years to reach this 70+ dogs point.


u/BakerStefanski Jul 04 '21

Nobody is as good at their sport as Joey Chestnut is at competitive eating.


u/[deleted] Jul 04 '21

Someone should study his body at some point, and figure out how the fuck he’s doing this.

My guess is a small part of his stomach is actually a gateway into another dimension.


u/Ryan_Day_Man Jul 04 '21

Look at a diagram of a pregnant woman's abdomen. There's a lot of room in there.


u/Digi-Fu Jul 04 '21

Dude swallowed a Bag of Holding when he was young. 🤣


u/onliwenimtrunk Jul 04 '21

Tom Brady can’t even touch this god.


u/ThisGooch Georgia Jul 04 '21

The Glizzy God


u/EcstaticStrings Jul 04 '21

I wish I could have seen it.


u/_DMYZ Jul 04 '21

The feed went out during the last 15 seconds or so. Anybody watching at home missed the finale.


u/BakerStefanski Jul 04 '21

The feed was out most of the last 5 minutes. Pretty bad for an event that happens once per year.


u/Rlyhyper Jul 04 '21

Yep, dogshit coverage by ESPN


u/BakerStefanski Jul 04 '21

I understand that the hot dog contest is kind of a joke, but their coverage of it does seem lazy even compared to something like cornhole which doesn’t seem as hastily put together.


u/rrainwater Jul 04 '21

To be fair cornhole is indoors in a much simpler setup to manage.


u/random0351 Jul 04 '21

I can barely eat 2 hotdogs. I'll work on it tho


u/erictheartichoke Jul 05 '21

Some baseball announcer was talking about it and goes, “I don’t think I’ve eaten 76 hot dogs in my entire life…”


u/[deleted] Jul 04 '21

The feed went out three times for me. I'm not sure if it was ESPN or Comcast, but fuck both of them anyways


u/JRockPSU Washington Capitals Jul 04 '21

It was ESPN - I have YouTube TV and it was on the fritz for the entire second half of the actual event.


u/lookydis Jul 04 '21

If I was Joey Chestnut’s boss I would only give him five minutes for lunch.


u/icyhotdog Jul 04 '21

What would be the equivalent of a four minute mile barrier in hot dog eating? 100 hot dogs?


u/Observery Jul 04 '21

Good question. I think the equivalent to the 4 minute mile was when he broke the record at 66 HD in 10mins. Legend!


u/Jomax101 Jul 06 '21

That means he would be 10% faster then a 4minute mile at 72hotdogs, or 3min 36sec.

7 seconds faster then the current WR of 3:43.

So it’s probably more like 69HD to 4min mile


u/[deleted] Jul 04 '21



u/UHeardAboutPluto North Carolina Jul 04 '21

I don't think so. Nathans are all beef, but maybe some could have slipped in there.


u/dacreativeguy Jul 05 '21

Lips and hooves.


u/BattleHall Jul 04 '21

Eh, I want to see him go up against Molly Schuyler, but that won't happen until MLE relaxes its restrictions (you can only compete in Nathan's 4th Hot Dog contest if you sign an exclusive promotional deal with them). She's done 55 sausages in 10 minutes, and her steak meal records are just ridiculous.



u/iwatchsportsball Jul 04 '21

They have a cash cow in chestnut but make the mistake of not getting the best like kobayashi and schuyler


u/albatross_rex Jul 05 '21

Joey Chestnut is a better competitive eater than Kobayashi


u/OvechknFiresHeScores Jul 06 '21

In June 2017, Molly visited Wards House of Prime in Milwaukee, WI and accomplished the feat of eating 360 ounces(22.5 lbs) of Ward's Famous Prime Rib in 90 minutes...and wanted more![21]

...man, I was skeptical at your confidence and then I got to that. Joey Chestnut ate around 17 pounds of hotdogs and buns which is absurd, but, like 22.5 lbs...what the fuck.


u/jannikan Jul 05 '21

I just watched Molly tie a hamburger eating contest this weekend. She’s impressive but don’t know how she would compete with Joey for real.


u/timshel_life Jul 04 '21

Greatest athlete of all time.


u/squidmanwillie Jul 05 '21

A true American hero


u/Brian-Walkden Jul 04 '21

Does he even chew them??


u/Agariculture Jul 05 '21

Had to. They stack better in his gut if he does. He may have found a pattern. If so he will take it to his grave


u/Bodie011 Jul 05 '21

Really wish they were able to get Kobayashi back in


u/djfil007 Jul 04 '21

More titles than Brady and Jordan combined. One True GOAT.


u/FizzTheWiz Jul 04 '21

Kind of inspiring honestly, he continues to show that humans can do things that seem impossible when you set your mind and work hard on it


u/MisterConbag15 Jul 04 '21

Yes, a man shoving 76 hot dogs down his throat is truly inspiring


u/tittywagon Jul 05 '21

Ur mom did that last night and everyone was impressed


u/MisterConbag15 Jul 04 '21

Yes, a man shoving 76 hot dogs down his throat is truly inspiring


u/FizzTheWiz Jul 04 '21

I really think it is 🤷🏼‍♂️


u/MisterConbag15 Jul 04 '21

Lol fair enough my man. Personally, I consider it impressive as hell, but certainly not inspiring.


u/bear2008 Jul 04 '21

Fucking Legend


u/troy_bot518 Jul 05 '21

July 5th must be rough for this dude


u/MilhouseLaughsLast Miami Dolphins Jul 05 '21

Do they check these guys for drug mule style compartments in their bodies?


u/thejikz Jul 04 '21

He must be fun at parties.


u/dacreativeguy Jul 05 '21

Until he wrecks your bathroom after the contest. I’m picturing Jeff Daniels in dumb and dumber.


u/flux_capacitor3 Jul 05 '21

All the guys love him


u/[deleted] Jul 04 '21



u/jetlifevic Jul 05 '21

Did you copy a Twitter reply lmao


u/A_Charmandur New York Islanders Jul 04 '21

He is the greatest athlete of all time!


u/HIVnotAdeathSentence Jul 04 '21

G-d bless America, everyone.


u/HeyBayBeeUWantSumFuc Jul 04 '21

So we know name of Hot Dog champion, but how many can name developers of COVID vaccines?


u/DagtheBulf Jul 05 '21

I have no idea who you are, but I want you to know that I don't like you


u/Chairs_Are_People Jul 05 '21

Is COVID vaccine development a sport?


u/Horsecowsheep Jul 05 '21

Disgusting and a sad indictment of US culture


u/bquinho Los Angeles Chargers Jul 05 '21

Fucking legend


u/Zakke_ Jul 05 '21

Does he eat alot of fibre?


u/Billpod Jul 05 '21

I read an article several years ago about competitive eating and they often eat something bulky but low calorie, like cabbage, the night before so they can stretch out their stomach. So, yes, kind of?


u/drckeberger Jul 05 '21

Inhumane...what the heck


u/mannyrmz123 Jul 06 '21

Has humanity peaked?


u/Shyftyy Jul 04 '21

r/sports .....


u/SteveAM1 Jul 04 '21

It’s a competition involving physical activity….what would you call it?


u/alphamail1999 Jul 05 '21




u/pedootz Jul 06 '21