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International Chess Federation's Fair Play Commission to form an investigatory panel for the Carlsen-Niemann controversy The Ocho


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u/Whisperkickpapa Sep 30 '22

Chess is a sport. Dumb shit


u/P00paD00ty Sep 30 '22

That might be the dumbest comment I've ever seen on reddit. Congratulations!

Is that how you justify telling people you're an athlete? Pathetic.


u/Whisperkickpapa Sep 30 '22

I mean, the international Olympic committee thinks so..... So, you're dumb


u/P00paD00ty Sep 30 '22

Ah yes, the same insanely corrupt committee that said solo synchronized swimming, curling, and poodle clipping were/are sports.

Here's the definition of sport: noun


an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

While skill is certainly necessary to play chess at a high level, there's less physical exertion involved than eating a salad.

I want to thank you for commenting. It's not every day I get the chance to talk to someone this delusional.


u/Whisperkickpapa Sep 30 '22

Your first two examples are indeed, sports. Curling is an Olympic sport to boot. Both meet the requirements of your definition.

So, thanks for making yourself look like more of an ass.

Chess is a sport and I barely even play it. By your logic, skeet shooting, archery, and a plethora of other similarly "non action" themed sports are in fact, not sports.


u/P00paD00ty Sep 30 '22

They aren't sports, they're hobbies. You're so pathetic. Thanks for the laughs.