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Chess - Nino Batsiashvili wins Georgian Women’s Chess Championship, for the 4th time, same number of times as Nona Gaprindashvili, the 1st female grandmaster. Not Appropriate Subreddit


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u/TheManInTheShack Jun 17 '22

While I can understand why we divide some competitions by gender, why would we do so in competitions of the mind?


u/ascpl Jun 17 '22

It's something of a perennial question in chess. There is likely not one answer...sexist history of the sport and its players are likely mostly to blame but then it continues to be in place supposedly to attract more female players. At the current moment, it may be important to have it this way in top level competitions due to the top rated players being predominantly men, so if tournament spots are given out according to rating, then that would not be so great for top women players. It could be argued to be important at lower levels too, though, as some female players express not being comfortable playing against men. One could imagine this being very real at a high school level when immaturity is very high. OFC there are also lots of open tournaments that do not divide by gender.

This topic has been discussed many times on r/chess I'm sure you can find better more thoughtful answers there if you want to look


u/nicbentulan Jun 17 '22

My response to these kinds of questions actually generalises to all sports / gaming

I initially thought other sports were divided while certain sports/mind sports/esports like chess, 9LX, csgo and valorant weren't divided.

But are physical sports really divided actually? I kinda figured they're the same case after all. Idk.

Like is there really men's basketball? Or is there just basketball that happens to be 99% men, i.e. the case of chess / 9LX is not different from the case of basketball?